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Fare sale alert: An unannounced airfare sale on Vistara?

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

We applied this duck test (airfare sale test) on the airfares today morning and our algorithms have picked up a sale on Vistara. We checked their official website to confirm, but there was no information on the same! We rechecked our numbers manually and it still looks like a sale. And guess what? This even betters their declared airfare sale that happened during end of last year! So here is our Fare sale alert and analysis on this Vistara sale.

Is it really on sale?

Out of the 109 domestic routes of Vistara that we track, we could find fares dropping on 104 routes when compared to yesterday’s prices. Sectors like Delhi – Guwahati, Mumbai – Guwahati, Goa – Mumbai, etc., have seen more than a 30% drop in prices today. So yes, it is indeed a fare sale.

 Did we predict this sale?

As you are aware, we have a fare sale barometer (check all airline numbers here) for each airline. Based on that, yesterday’s Unfarescore for Vistara was 39.1 (anything above 50 is a chance of fare sale). So technically, it did not breach our cut-off for a sale prediction. We wonder if this was a tactical sale by Vistara (they didn’t announce this as a sale). The index today for Vistara is 0.0. So hurry!

Compared to earlier offers

Vistara came up with a fare sale around the end of last year 2016. This sale is better than the earlier offer.

Where are the low prices?

Given that the discounts are available only on a limited number of seats, it is important that you act fast and book your tickets at the earliest. In order to help you easily find out the dates on which these low fares are available, we will be adding a tool soon to our app – Unfare. We can see that the low fares of Rs. 1500 are available in the sectors Delhi – Lucknow and Goa – Mumbai. So hurry!

Check out all the fares and airfare predictions on our app – Unfare

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