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A half hearted/ fake airfare offer from Indigo | Offer starting Rs. 844

Our Unfare app has spotted new flight deals! Indigo offers a sale of air tickets at discount starting Rs. 844 in India. The discounts are for a period starting from 14th February 2017 till 17th February 2017.

Is it really on sale?

Out of the 196 domestic routes of Indigo that we track, we could find fares dropping only on 23 routes when compared to yesterday’s prices. Overall, there is a 2.4% increase in prices compared to yesterday. It looks like a fake fare sale.

 Did we predict this offer?

As you are aware, we have a fare sale barometer for each airline. Based on that, yesterday’s UnfareScore for Indigo was 51.3 (anything above 50 has a chance of fare sale). So yes, this was in line with our predictions. The index today for Indigo is 38.4. (check all airline scores here).

Compared to earlier Indigo offers

Indigo came up with a fare sale around 12 days ago on 2nd February 2017. Compared to the earlier offer, this sale has 6.5% lower prices. This is the 3rd discount sale for Indigo in the last couple of months. Earlier sales happened on 2nd February 2017, 26th January 2017.

Where are the best flight deals?

Given that the discounts are available only on a limited number of seats, it is important that you act fast and book your tickets at the earliest. In order to help you easily find out the dates on which these low fares are available, we will be adding a tool soon to our app – Unfare. We can see that the low fares starting from Rs. 844 are available in the sectors like Bagdogra – Guwahati, New Delhi – Jaipur, Chennai – Bangalore, etc. So hurry!

Check out all the fares and airfare predictions on our app – Unfare. We will be soon starting airfare deal alerts which will inform you as soon as the Unfare app spots a flight deal in the market. More on that in our Facebook and Twitter page.

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