Advisory: Airfare offers are coming up. Be prepared!

In the beginning of this month, we wrote a post on an experimental estimation method for predicting the timing of airfare offers. According to the post, we mentioned that there wouldn’t be an airfare offer in the month of September. And this has been proven right so far.

When is the airfare offer expected?

We had also estimated that the sale period would start around 3rd October 2017. However, given that Dussehra falls on 30th September this year, there is a fair chance that the sale will be declared a bit earlier than what we had previously expected. We are now estimating the earliest start date of the sale to be around 26th September (coming Tuesday). There will definitely be an offer available before 6th October.

What are the travel dates for the offer?

As mentioned in the previous post, the upcoming sale may have very little to do with flights taking off in the month of October. Flights for almost all of the days of November until mid December are the ones expected to be going on sale in the upcoming offer.

How to get the airfare offer details?

As has always been the case, we will send out an email notification to all the users of Unfare as soon as we find an offer available in the market. So if you have not yet created a free account, do create one here so that you don’t miss out on these airfare offer notifications.

4 thoughts on “Advisory: Airfare offers are coming up. Be prepared!”

    1. You should wait. You will find plenty of airfare offers coming up during Christmas/ New Year time for your February travel. 🙂

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