How to predict an airfare sale in India

All days are created equal. But some are more equal that others.

Have you noticed that booking a flight ticket on some days are better than others? Airlines come up with airfare sales at seemingly random intervals. But what if I told you that a great sale can be predicted?

Booking ahead may not always be the smartest option:

Let’s say, you have planned a trip and are to fly in about 3 months time. When you go to book your flight, how do you know you are getting the lowest fares? Even though you are searching for an advance purchase, the airline may be in a period of high fares before going into an airfare sale. You could actually lose out by booking ahead, only to find that a week later, the airline has declared an airfare sale!

Finding the better days to book your flight:

In order to determine how good or bad the airfare is for any given day, you need to know where the airfare stands against the scale of low airfares for that airline. I know, not an easy task to track so many airfares, is it?

Introducing UnfareScore:

UnfareScore is a dynamic index with a scale of 0-100. For any given airline, a score of below 50, signifies a good deal. Anything above 50, indicated that you should consider waiting for the airfare sale. Of course, this only applies when you have at least 45 days to your flight. Also, for specific airfare predictions, you can use the Unfare prediction tool.

UnfareScore is a free feature of Unfare that also provides details on how many days it has been since the last airfare sale, average number of days for an airfare sale, etc. Do check it out today!



What’s coming up in Unfare?

It’s been a while since my previous post and obviously there are quite a lot of things to update. Firstly, we have added 10 new airports into the app which takes the total airports to 20 and the total flight routes to 198! Again, we are India focussed and that will be our forte.

A lot of tweaks were carried out on the algorithm. Given that these are predictions, the tweaks need time to get validated. So over these 7months, the data has grown really big. And that was a challenge but we were able to overcome all that. Unfare was built to scale.

Apart from the changes under the hood, we also carried out some design changes. Our earlier homepage was the search page. We understood that people who landed on our homepage were not aware of the features of Unfare. This was no ordinary airfare search engine. So we decided to add more details into our homepage. Check out the new look here.

In the new year, we look forward to adding many new features to the Unfare app. Some of them that we are currently working on are given below:

  1. FareScore of the Day” – an index that indicates the chance of a discount sale by an airline.
  2. Track Airfares” – a feature that will enable the user to track a particular route for a given flight date and receive alerts when the fare/ prediction changes.
  3. Upcoming Fare Hike Alert” – alerts the user to any upcoming trend of fare hikes along with the approximate date of said hike.
  4. Fly Away” – alerts the user to “all-time-low” fares for a given city.
  5. Model updates” – alerts as we go about tweaking the algorithm.

We look forward to releasing these features in the coming days. Do let us know if you have any feature request or ideas in the comment section below.